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  1. Interesting to see what Brand takes over. What are the possibilities?
  2. Why bother building this? I guess this is the equivalent of a woman's expectation when you drop your pants and reveal this big dissapointment.
  3. This is great news! 1000 people employed. This is probably one of the biggest projects in Houston under the radar.
  4. What's Houston's 4th skyline?

    1. HoustonBoy


      Downtown, Galleria, Med Center, and fourth is a blend of all the smaller skylines; energy corridor, Allen Parkway, Memorial City, etc. All the infill between the main three. 

  5. I'm on my way to Ace Hardware to buy a shovel. Too much talk not enough digging. In the words of Thanos, "Fine, I'll do it myself"
  6. Considering the circumstances we're in I'll take it!
  7. This is an odd part of town for this. Does the surrounding area compliment this?
  8. I'm not a golf watcher but im enjoying the Houston Open. The shots of the Skylines are amazing! Memorial Park is shaping up to be a go-to destination.
  9. Any info on the new PGA golf course that will be utilized for the Houston Open? Wonder how that golf course looks in addition to the other overall improvements in the park?
  10. I will be continuing my boycott on Dallas based businesses and businesses that choose to setup shop in Dallas before here.
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