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  1. I'm assuming you didn't see last post..... Lasik
  2. They're open for business but not many are going to be on campus. Meal plan sales are at an all time low
  3. So who's moving into these new and shiny student housing and dorms? UH on campus students will be unprecidently low this fall semester. Moody dining and dorms will not open for fall semester. This is troubling.
  4. Does anyone know what kind of gas is being built on Westheimer near Wilcrest. The all brick facade is turning out very nicely.
  5. Any chance Elon Musk moves Tesla HQ to Houston area?
  6. To everyone posting these beautiful pics, you are heaven sent and appreciated!
  7. We need to organize a "No Value Engineering protest" who's with me?
  8. Then how long is it going to take to get to city council? Too much talking and not enough digging.
  9. Houston. You're getting fancy on me! I love this one. Houston's skyline is going to be in the shape of an "I" soon. Keep building Houston.
  10. I hope they light up this building like an H at night
  11. Nice!!! Just need to know when the shovels will be in the ground? Ill go down there and start digging myself.
  12. I wonder what hotel brand will be selected. Absolutely amazing project. . Wow!
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