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  1. This building looks like the letter "H". Am I the only one? Can't wait till this is finish. I hope the Jones Plaza redevelopment will be complete at the time this one does.
  2. It was a joke. Sorry no malice.
  3. Seems as though you have no use for life.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bashing Dallas but I've grown tired of being excited about a new restaurant or retail establishment opening in Houston then to see it has already had locations in Dallas for years before they decided to expand here. This new burger place for example has a California office and a Dallas office. If we are the food capital of the southwest, why aren't most of these places Houston based. I know N and Out burger will eventually expand here but I feel they should have opened Houston locations first. Of I'm wrong I'm opened to correction.
  5. I tend to not support businesses that open in Dallas before Houston. Am I the only one? Am I wrong?
  6. You are right about retail but I know Sephora is actively looking for new locations in Houston as we speak. Dry Bar would be great downtown. Target is a no brainer. Apple or Microsoft would be nice. I think pottery barn or west elm would do well for furnishing these new apartments and homes in the area. Your thoughts?
  7. Twitter 1. You are probably the frontrunner for the worst reply in 2018. It's only January. Good grief! Cmon man/ woman.
  8. This tower is the game changer. Keeping my fingers crossed for more updates in 2018 on this one.
  9. Will this facility ,from an architecture standpoint, be considered iconic?
  10. And now Tillman is the owner of the Rockets. Great times in H - Town!
  11. Did you really reply to a post from may 2nd in a thread that has nothing to do with Hotel ZaZa?
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