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  1. Loosen up a bit. Midtown is taking off. The countdown has started. Give G class a break.
  2. That restaurant space is big time! Can you imagine the views? I can only imagine the restaurant this development would attract. Emeril's?
  3. You're right. I have noticed a shift in how we look as a city since I moved here in 98. Houston is almost unrecognizable today in a great way. There's still a lot of work to do but we've come a long way. Go Houston!
  4. With all due respect, I assume the reason Houston does not have a Grand Central Market is because we are blessed to have H.E.B? I've been to NYC and they're best market can't hold a candle to my neighborhood H.E.B. I stand to be corrected. As for this project, I'm on the fence.
  5. In the HBJ article it stated when the property was first purchased on 2015 by Lovett, the developer mentioned plans of a hotel as one part of the development. Did i interpret this incorrectly?
  6. I wonder what hotel brand will go here.Driving down Richmond Ave won't be the same, in a good way.
  7. Great question! Needs it own thread through.
  8. Hopefully the hotel component stays or is this wishful thinking?
  9. I agree it's a weird site now but this will be a prime spot in the future after Mcnair development. Sometimes it takes developments to long to come to fruition here. Frustrating.
  10. Doubt it. They couldn't fit that on that small piece of land
  11. City council was supposed to vote on the W Hotel downtown after Houston First approved. What ever happened to that? Did city council vote yet? Do I need to call Houston First?
  12. Would be cool if this building would light up like a big H.
  13. I can't help but look at 609 Main in this pic and admire how gorgeous it is. Great pic!
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