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  1. there was a B-Cycle station installed near the corner of Heights and 11th street recently.
  2. The apartments under construction are not a part of the MKT. different developer. Ojala out of dallas, not radom. Technically, Studemont junction was a land deal put together by Kaplan, subdivided and selling sites to building developers and users.
  3. i believe this is the same owner that bought the strip just west of this with public house, barnaby's, etc. in it, as well as the construction on the south side of WO, and the automated parking garage as well.
  4. maybe one of those big parcels on 11th in timbergrove? you know, in the 'greater heights area'...
  5. that parcel is pretty small, so it makes re-development challenging, plus it's not contiguous - which makes it a no-go for most. plus the amateurish approach by a residential broker isn't helping anything. killer google earth work here: https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/portfolio/13704092/
  6. has anybody looked at the plan? it doesn't appear that pecore is included in this. it is proposed to run from shepherd to Michaux...
  7. FYI, Kolache Shoppe is open, Shine in the Heights (hair salon) is open, Dish is softly open (not full schedule yet), and i believe Tiff's Treats is ready to slang cookies as of this week...
  8. pretty sure this is going to be half apartments, half mixed use office/retail/restaurant, or at least that's what i heard
  9. likely for now, but the same owner bought the fitz property, so one might think that this would also help to serve whatever happens to that property, or help to keep their options open...it all depends on the uses of the tenants they sign for the proposed retail building on the south side of the street. Also there is the shared parking model, so they could be positioning to use that, instead of the other more traditional way, where you assign parking spaces for each tenant to provide enough for their use, with no regard to when their peak operating times are.
  10. holy poop! i really thought they were going to screw this one up!
  11. it should help with the parking at Fitz as well, assuming they are keeping that structure, and that is likely a bad assumption....
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