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  1. Good God, I hope she means $10 per hour.
  2. Yeah you're right. I'm just spoiled living in a big city.
  3. Creative way to mow a lawn...
  4. Speaking of going down- Town & Country Mall is meeting the wrecking ball. Yesterday, about half the mall was gone- replaced by a huge pile of rubble. Can't wait to see what's next.
  5. What's funny is that the residents in Lake Charles are very excited when they get a new chain. (I was born there and most of my family still lives there.) It's funny to hear them get excited about getting a Target, Dillard's, Olive Garden, etc. Not to be mean or anything, but Thank God I live in Houston.
  6. Great photos! I'm always amazed to see pictures like these from Houston. It's nice to know they're still around. Are these buildings all located on the East side?
  7. I love learning about Houston's history- I wish I had more to share. If I find any new info, I definitely will.
  8. Beware next time you bring home an antique for your house! Who knows what angry spirits you're bringing home with you...
  9. To me, it's more of a cosmetics thing. Highland Village is very beautifully designed and landscaped but the parking lot ruins the look. Walking down a street that looks like Main St. is much more pleasant than walking in a parking lot.
  10. Great pictures!!!! Thanks for sharing! Are you in condo sales? How'd you get all those great angles?
  11. Congratulations Cinco!! I wish you years of happiness together!
  12. I agree. I'm guilty of being critical of Houston sometimes, but I only want what I think is best. To me, tearing down historic structures is almost always a mistake because that IS the personality of a city. It's where the city came from. But, that's just an opinion in a sea of others. Ultimately, people need to decide whether they fit within the "personality" of a city. If not, then it's time to move on.
  13. That's almost as bad as those signs in the theater district.
  14. You're talking about the silos that say"Boat Storage..."? I think the hospital will be built on the other side of the Beltway (across from WalMart). I haven't heard anything about the silos coming down.
  15. They tore that building down a couple of months ago. (Yay!) They're digging a huge hole there but I don't know what they're going to build.
  16. Maybe if we all get one for each developer/city official/etc. in Houston, they'll stop tearing down all the nice historic buildings.
  17. Don't you think those pictures look alot like what we already have in Houston though? Also, IMHO, when Uptown Park was built, they should have put the parking behind it and made the inside more of a walkable shopping area similar to what you'd really see in Florence. (Wasn't Florence the model for that development?) I never said that the Galleria didn't have many out-of-town guests. I'm sure it does.
  18. Did they recently discontinue use of the "
  19. Hey thanks for the feedback! Well, the carnage has started. The railroad bridge over the Beltway feeder came down, along with my hopes of a commuter line out this way. The whole median has been opened up now. Both the N and S bound lanes of the beltway feeder are traffic nightmares. Three lanes merge to two but one ends up being a turn lane when you get to the light. So, you have lots of cars cutting into the other lane at the last minute. Avoid this area if you can. Also, I-10 feeder in front of Memorial City mall is a mess. If anyone has reason to drive to the mall, I'd suggest taking
  20. I'm intrigued. Where do you go and what do you see?
  21. The pictures above are nice but look alot like what we have plenty of here in Houston: a parking lot dotted with strip malls/centers. Was Rodeo Drive actually planned or did it happen organically?
  22. Thanks! And I like your suit, danax. No, I didn't even know where the old, old one was. I wish I had seen it. I didn't even realize Houston had a "history" until about a year ago. This forum is one of the most interesting fonts (for lack of a better word) of information about Houston's history.
  23. I heard something about this not too long ago on the radio. NPR maybe? Anyway, they were talking about all the new "MBA euphemisms" that have been created. Words like "proactive, assertive, etc" that people never used before. You're right, English is constantly changing. Though I suspect that most languages are, now that we live in a global society. Some countries are even adopting English names for new words. There was a bruhaha in France about the usage of the word "e-mail". They tried to give it a French name--courriel--but I think people still call it e-mail.
  24. A friend of mine who works at M.D. Anderson is positive that the Old Prudential building is not coming down. Has anyone heard any updates on this? Is it still slated for demolition and inferior building replacement?
  25. They didn't even save the funky sculptures? Grrrrr! What is it with this city?!?
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