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  1. Haha same! I texted my mom and sister that last week.
  2. an "interesting" mix of "insightful" "comments" in a reddit thread this week
  3. Great question! I don't have an answer!
  4. Caroline has so much potential. And yet..
  5. had some good ones from Kim Tai on McGowen/Fannin the other day. As good as Crawfish and Noodles (Viet style) but much cheaper ($8 a lb)
  6. somewhat off topic but they need to do something about the northbound main street lanes at the intersection with Wheeler/Richmond. I've almost been clipped 3 times in the last 2 weeks by people unaware that the right lane is turn only. How can they fix that?
  7. There’s a peace sign on God’s chest now. Not sure if that was the artist or graffiti.
  8. no real update, but every time I've walked by in the last 2 weeks there have been some kind of crew doing something. Sorry for lack of real info, but Stuff Is Happening..
  9. I went in for the first time for a delightful pastry. I have walked by a few times. In all these times I have never seen a customer other than myself :|
  10. Not really Mid-Main so not sure if it deserves its own thread buttttttt insert *itshappeningronpaul.gif*
  11. That lot across from W&M looks like it's finally getting cleared out. It's been full of Construction Stuff for the last several years.
  12. Articles I was thrilled to read! I missed this place. https://preview.houstonchronicle.com/dining/pappas-restaurants-to-reopen-little-pappas-16691384?utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=socialflow&utm_medium=referral
  13. I went yesterday and thought it was neat. I have no idea what they plan to do with all the empty space. Then I see reddit comments like this and am a little concerned it's the prevailing opinion (and it was in the back of my mind too)
  14. The spools are now set up as tables and chairs and there is fencing lol I have no idea
  15. Lol. The Caroline improvements were supposed to be done in...2015?
  16. I too got this mailer today :)
  17. Why are there so many Federal Grills? I've never been impressed.
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