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  1. I get you, but Idk, I'm pretty sure I saw the most recent. If I remember clearly, the architect is HOK.
  2. Definitely not, this building sure is one of a kind. There's three tiers to this building and it's more of a rounder type of building. Hard to describe
  3. I got to see the renderings today...and what I can describe is a 38-40 story building, and 3 other shorter towers ranging between 10-15 stories. From what you saw from previous renderings, the buildings look nothing like that. I would say the main tower is also within the 450-475ft range based on what I saw. There is a lot of glass and it is a very sleek, modern looking building. That's all I can say...there's also this little sky bridge that goes over Allen Pkwy to the park.
  4. Not sure if any one noticed buuuuuuttttt.... 609_Main_at_Texas-20170206-191549 by Chris Rojas, on Flickr
  5. The crane is so tall that it doesn't fit in the camera lmao 1600_West_Loop-20161017-092425 by Chris Rojas, on Flickr
  6. Is it me or do the buildings look like they were created in minecraft but with a texture/resource pack?
  7. Woow, instead of coming on HAIF excited to see something new or updates, I come on here to find 16 pages filled with spam...that's a shame, never thought something like this would've happened to HAIF...
  8. Man...I remember taking the picture of them installing the crane base as if it were yesterday...time flies...
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