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  1. I had heard that Nancy's Hustle was looking for a place to do commercial baking somewhere in the East End at one point. Maybe associated?
  2. Permits issued for several pieces of buildout including the lobby and 47k banquet hall/conference space
  3. Thought I would post here first in case I'm missing something, but Uchi/Hue Salon/Rosemont re-platted to Unrestricted by a "Montrose Collective Southwest" by Radom. Did I miss something? They bought it 2 years ago, but I thought Uchi was staying.
  4. Here's the replat: And an image with the proposed units and some sitework:
  5. Property on the plat report. Being replatted to unrestricted:
  6. On the consent plat activity for this week. Lot between Lamar/Dallas and Ennis/Palmer: I searched a ton to see if this was posted anywhere already and couldn't find it. Please merge if I missed it.
  7. Love how their signs are likely in the city ROW. I wonder if the HPD officer on duty would ticket them for that? The one I saw on the SW corner definitely was blocking a bit of the sidewalk.
  8. Saw a sign for Zalat in the Which Wich spot this morning.
  9. Well, based on the background, congrats to El Paso.
  10. It appears at this point that it means the beginning of 2022, although they really need to adopt a more normal 1Q22, 2Q22, etc. I never would have thought winter '22 mean January or February.
  11. CEO of Texas Central went on a podcast and gave a bunch of real answers: https://www.wfaa.com/amp/article/news/local/texas/texas-central-ceo-bullet-train-congress-passing-bipartisan-infrastructure-bill/287-b65e6b39-9c82-4f30-8988-64dd51c2c159 TLDR: Dependent on federal government for long-term low cost loans $24 billion hard cost If money was available, shovel-in-dirt would be roughly 6 months away Tickets to cost 75% of an air travel ticket Saying it will be the highest speed train in the world because of average trip speed of 178 MPH (because of one stop) 40% of land has been secured. At-grade crossings have been reduced from 46 to 11 during the last environmental permitting Will take 80.5 months to construct. Will start building 50 miles headed south from Dallas for testing
  12. I remember when Revel announced they were coming to Texas (electric moped carshare provider) and they didn't realize that Texas City was an actual city and put that for their now hiring page. I was bummed that they weren't coming here :(
  13. Any new features to look out for, or just a stability thing?
  14. If this is the case, then this is why we shouldn't use seasons to convey things. Winter 2022 should not be freaking January 2022. They are building a bridge as part of this. I don't think so. Houston Parks Board is doing the bridge repair and CoH is doing the MKT connector I think?
  15. Yeah, one of my buds bought a place off of Nagle and he is displeased at the lack of donut options within dog-walking range. This would be a great spot for one.
  16. That link wouldn't work for me, but I did search for some other primetime locations and they all had attached retail. The gas station retail on the inside looks nice.
  17. Yes. I talked to a friend of a friend that is new to my fantasy football league this year, and he said that the works for a company that does a lot of core sampling (including the East End) and that their clients hire them to do soil contamination checks as well. Sometimes they need clearance for property development loans.
  18. Nothing yet, but if you look at some of the pics above, it appears that there might be 3 different tenants besides the gas station.
  19. Workers on-site setting up for foundations this morning
  20. A/C and building expenses are understandable. They said pre-pandemic that they weren't going to renew at One Fifth because of all of the work it needed. I'll get to this a bit in a reply below. Construction on Waugh is laughable. One lane closure for 2 months while they rehab the sidewalk and bike lane? As far as Skanska, I mean, there aren't a lot of traffic alternatives and I guess that's fine if he's worried. Maybe he has seen what they've planned. I'm sure there is, but every development is different. Dunlavy developers may be offering significant cash. You are basically right on. I had a friend that was interested in opening a high-end coffee shop at a luxury-ish development and because that is what the developers wanted as part of their project, they were willing to contribute $75kish IIRC towards build-out of the space. He ended up not doing it, but in an industry like restaurants, where they are absolutely pummeled by COVID and are certainly not cash rich right now, I can totally understand Shepherd choosing to not drop the cash to renovate an old space and instead do something fresh that keeps more cash in his pocket right now and in exchange pay higher rent going into the future.
  21. Finally got to listen to the full audio last night. TLDR: yes it is going down Holman to LaBranch like I anticipated. Holman will be getting an on-street separated bike lane for eastbound bikers Intersection at LaBranch is getting some safety improvements including curb extensions, conversion from traffic lights to a four-way stop, and a redesigned curb ramp layout that is more conducive to biking. Honestly, this is way more than I anticipated happening and almost makes it as good as the previous iteration. All-in-all, not bad. No timeline for construction or completion. HCC specifically said that the former Austin St was being used more as a plaza than a walking path, and from events over the last year they would like for it to be moved (lol, lots of events during COVID, eh?). HCC-wide facilities guy asked if the city ever considered not using HCC property at all and Amar from Harris County explained that the point of the bike network is so people can safely get to destinations like colleges and that all of the other colleges were or were going to be connected.
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