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  1. Hate that they are presenting a sharrow option, but I guess it is what it is.
  2. FWIW, their about-us page says that they have "25 committed member households" Also, kind of impressed that they just published their 50th podcast episode https://www.cohousinghouston.com/podcast
  3. In a word.... no. I'm a STH in the supporter section and attendance last season was spectacularly bad. BUT, we have a new owner and they just made the highest $$$ transfer they've ever done. New coach, new GM, and a lot to be excited about. If anyone wants to check out a game for cheap, they are doing three "713 nights" where you can get $7 tickets, $1 hot dogs and $3 beers. They will be on March 19, July 3, and August 13.
  4. Technically here, but we haven't been talking about it at all.
  5. Huh. That's an interesting spot. I like it!
  6. New 135,995 retail building on the permitting report this week for this site. Must be this new building.
  7. Those were units for sale, and these are for lease. As nate4i1f3 mentioned, Ivy Lofts was 550 units versus the 43 here.
  8. Wonderful project! Skyhouse has been offering parking spots for $100/month to the general public just a block away. Parking definitely overbuilt in this area.
  9. Rough approximation of how the building is going to be divided based on the grainy site-plan. I did notice on the plan that they mention a canopy, which looks to be 8-10' off of the side of the building. This patio area has the potential to be rather glorious. East End is going to have some pretty good patios when you think about Fitzcarraldo, Acadian Coast, and even the Navigation Esplanade which is kind of a patio with all of those vendors.
  10. Stopped by Sat afternoon and it was busy inside. Line for coffee was 5 or 6 people deep and a bunch of people checking out the shops. Still some construction on some of the spaces on the north side of the building. Looks like a Keller Williams office took most of the southern side that I thought was going to be shared office space. Does it make sense to change the name of this thread to represent the building itself?
  11. I like the example of trying to build a restaurant. Imagine if you bought a piece of land that is zoned for restaurant use only, and the city won't give you a permit to build a restaurant because you aren't actually selling burgers anywhere yet.
  12. Have a friend who is staying at The Laura tomorrow night before the marathon. Will try to get a trip report. I told him to keep a look out for anything that says HA or Alessandra.
  13. Wildcat Golf Club was a landfill. The big green square on the right was a landfill (and becoming a solar farm). The main area had oil wells on it IIRC.
  14. Yep, I saw them installing the tanks a few weeks ago. I'm assuming most of that dirt will end up getting hauled away.
  15. Thank you for posting, I just watched the whole thing, and I still think TX Central is going to prevail. It seems like the landowner's case is just so thin here. I also think TX Central's attorney came across much stronger here. I don't know how TX Supreme Court will rule, or how TX Central is gonna raise the cash, but still interesting to see the result.
  16. So they must be taking the two suites that face Travis, right? The ground does slope down to go to the lower level and extends pretty far back. Not sure what the space looks like inside. Couldn't find a leasing brochure.
  17. Bartender at Moon Tower told me Landry's was involved, but that appears to be not the case. I think that pic is a pretty fair representation, but based on the site-plan above, it looks like no parking between the building and the street.
  18. I have no idea. That would be kind of wild, but I guess that's feasible. Especially with how dumb some of the parking requirements are. Bars require the most! It isn't like we are talking about parking maximums, here. Honestly, the only pushback I ever really hear at these public meetings is about homeowners not wanting people parking in front of their homes (and if there are bars, then cans/trash in yards), and we have tools to mitigate the parking component. Plus, there is so much street parking on Canal, and just a small handful of homes.
  19. Well, they also own the Cidercade lot, so if there is not enough parking then those businesses might suffer and they control both ends of the equation. Cidercade pulls more non-local traffic, but the restaurants might pull more locals. Moon Tower goes pretty well with zero on-site parking. I honestly believe they should flip the switch tomorrow and make everything west of Milby as market-based parking. There is so much development pending in the area I wish developers had additional options.
  20. It does hurt that TIRZ are such a key component because of equity issues. Some places that need the most help don't have that support :/ BUT, I'm not trying to be a debbie downer here. This project looks great!
  21. Here is the meeting recording on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HoustonPlanning/videos/3180050498987408/ This starts at 1:51:20. I'll do a quick recap. There were a few public comments, including from the East End District President: There is a copy of the variance request in the Agenda. TLDR: keeping same 16k sf of building. Requires 110 with 10% bike reduction and only has 32. Multi-use restaurant development. These are screencaps from the FB vid so they are terrible: Basically, they said it is impossible to provide the required parking on-site because of the structure. The off-site lot they have chosen for remote valet is 2,000 ft down the street. This appears to be the location where Cidercade is. They have 48 extra spaces to allocate evidently: They also bring up, like I did earlier, that the TOD ends about 30 feet away from their site: Basis of staff approval: The applicant mentions that the developer is the same one that did the Cidercade development. One of the commissioners talks about how MBP needs to extend into the East End and that the businesses are thriving in areas without parking required. Small businesses can compete better with larger developers this way. Marty Stein, the chair, says that parking is the "next big thing" the planning commission will take up. Passes unanimously! Wow, watching that was like a breath of fresh air <3
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