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  1. The right way to do this would be to extract his posts from the backup and reload them into the forum. I've not worked with the Invision forum software before so I can't give steps on how to do this in your case, but I've done this with other forum software. Since it uses MySQL it's just a matter of writing the right queries, and it can be pretty much automatic regardless of the number of posts (loading the backup into a temporary database, copying the posts to the current database, and updating any pointers). Tedious? Perhaps. But if I had a mistake like what happened here on a forum I r
  2. Unfortunately, no. That is absolutely astonishing, and, quite frankly, completely unacceptable. If the administrators of this site are so incompetent that they can't even be bothered to occasionally make a backup of the site, we should not be wasting our time commenting on it. Computers crash or get hacked all the time, or things get wiped out by human error (as appears to have happened here), and it would be a travesty if that were all lost because of stupidity. We should start a new site that is actually backed up, rather than relying on irresponsible administrators.
  3. I'm not sure which you are referring to, but I can say that on the Holy Cross Chapel, the limestone/sandstone is fake. On the JW Marriott, everything above the first three floors is fake except for some panels immediately below the windows on a couple floors.
  4. It may well be brick on the upper floors, but what looks like limestone on the ground floor is an EIFS re-creation like the upper floors of the JW Marriott. There are places where the paint-like coating has broken off on the relief, exposing the Styrofoam underneath.
  5. I think with this building we are uncertain whether the façade is a slipcover or if it replaced the original façade. Though now that flames are coming out of the roof, the building may be too heavily damaged for it to matter (HFD is flying a drone overhead to inspect, too). Here's the best photo I can come up with of the original 1929 appearance:
  6. Now a 4-alarm fire (this photo was taken an hour after the previous one):
  7. There's a pretty big fire in this building right now (11 units responding), and I just realized I'd never posted a photo of the latest art:
  8. I believe the façade at 901 Main is heavily damaged, so it may need to be recreated out of Styrofoam like they did at 905 Main. But I hope to be proven wrong.
  9. Now the ragged edges make more sense. They were just roughing-in the holes, and now they've cut much more accurately to the full final size on the 2nd floor. They are still hacking away at the roof of the 3rd floor, though:
  10. Found on reddit today from /u/creation88, it looks like the original façade is largely intact under the cladding, at least on the second floor. Let's hope they are taking the cladding off to restore the original appearance, rather than to put it back up again:
  11. The roof of MMP is open now, so it looks like the watch party today will be semi-outdoors.
  12. Are there backups where the removed posts can be restored from?
  13. Considering they are still using it for offices, I think it would be imprudent to demolish it with people still in it.
  14. One problem with that is the southbound freeway exit to Fannin from IH-69 is being eliminated as part of the freeway rebuild, so parking in this area becomes a lot less attractive for people driving in from the suburbs.
  15. They're really chipping away at the roof, and have made room for some nice big windows. From last night:
  16. The green fabric is really taking a beating, if you compare each of the photos. Now one large section is completely gone:
  17. With the way Houstonians drive, putting them in the streets would just mean they would have to be replaced monthly as inattentive drivers crash into them and destroy them. That's probably why they have to be in parking lots or on sidewalks here.
  18. You won't see homeless people in China, either. In both countries, they are taken care of by their families. Our culture is different, with much weaker family ties, so in the US they don't have the support network from their family that they would have in some other countries.
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