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  1. I looked a week or 2 ago and 1 house was gone and the other house was quickly being turned to rubble. They should at least have the lots cleared by now.
  2. I believe they are only leasing 6 HC for Crescent, who is the owner of the Houston Center complex.
  3. The construction happening/planned for Post Oak is incredible. Besides the 6 sites you mentioned above, there is the proposed BBVA Phase 2 Perenial, and the 50 story tower rumored in front of the Cosmo, as well as Astoria, BHP, and Belfiore are all under construction in the area. A total of 12 new towers in just a few years. Things are going to be so different in 3-4 years!
  4. That makes so much sense. Our new source mentioned that the top 2 floors were steel(I doubt they would use Iron) and used for amenities it would seem to fit your explanation. That way they probably wouldn't have to rework the foundation too much and the new tenant can have private amenity space on the top of their new tower. Would be awesome if this were true! Just have to wait and see. Houston seems to have so many things in store, and they are just starting to happen!
  5. Oh and I don't know if anyone can tell from the pictures but last time I was close to this thing I noticed it had a dent in the top. Looks really weird! I'm loving how this is turning out.
  6. ^its already built. They moved into a 10 story, 500k sq ft building that was formerly part of the HP Campus and are having this 20 story, ~500k sq ft project built to accomadate future growth. This part of town is really blowing up every time I'm in the area everything looks completely different.
  7. ^ I like the first picture for its diversity of construction! There's a townhome, a mid rise, and a 40 story high rise all under construction at the same time. Amazing times we're in right now!
  8. Talked to a Gensler architect today that mentioned working on a potential 65 story tower downtown. Sounded like they had signed an NDA though because just getting that much information was like pulling teeth! Regardless, the fact that there seems to be multiple 50+ story towers in the works in downtown and around the city has me excited for the tall things yet to come!
  9. It looks like it's hitting it's stride again after a short breather! First the Hotel/Apartment project, then MemorialHermann, and now Methodist are all proposing new towers that should begin shortly! I also forgot St. Lukes is planning some growth plans although if I recall correctly they are mainly just replacing old space. The primary hospitals as well as TMC's efforts to get some for profit businesses in the area are going to create some good years ahead. Combined with the residential boom that is beginning to happen in the area and the Texas Medical Center is again going to be a very busy part of town! http://www.chron.com/business/medical/article/Houston-Methodist-to-build-Woodlands-hospital-5513231.php#photo-6371297
  10. I agree with you if you mean a 600+ foot highrise! PM Realty has a 2nd phase for this one so there will definitely be another highrise especially with all the other development nearby.
  11. Wellllll cranes been up on this one for a couple days, bringing downtowns total to 5! I actually like this project in its quirky Houston Uniqueness. It should be in the going up section! Sure it's a parking garage but it's 16 stories! That's more than most apartment buildings going up haha
  12. That's what it sounds like. Should be quite a few units in this development. Just hope it comes to fruition and is actually downtown. It looks like they really want to do something great. Might even be a game changer!
  13. Nate if you don't mind could you get a couple pictures of the site this week? I drove by earlier this morning, but was running some errands so I didn't have time to run up to the top of the garage to get a good view. From what I could see they made some good progress digging and were hard at work as usual. The dang webcam is so high up its hard to get a good look at what's going on on the site. Thanks in advance Nate! :]
  14. ^ It's only linked to the tunnel because it has a sky bridge to Hess so it's not technically part of the tunnel system. The only residential project that I recall having tunnel connection is the Texaco renovation at 1111 Rusk. I believe the only reason that one has a connection is for 609 Main to have better tunnel access(I think the plan is to connect to BG Group and 601 Travis).
  15. I'm interested to see how Chevron's future contracts with Pemex effect their space needs here. Also happened to see the other week that they had taken down an additional 100k sq ft in 1600 Smith. Anyone know how much space they are renting now? It's got to be over 700k in Brookfield's properties alone! Can't wait for more info on this one. :]
  16. ^ It looks like 2 story units are some what of a trend now. If you look at the the Finger's Ballpark(500 Crawford) they have some sections that look like they are 8 stories tall as well as Block 334 looks like it has an extra set of windows crammed in some parts which might be enough room for a small loft space(although who knows how current that rendering is). I'm purely speculating however. Rendering map for reference: http://www.downtownhouston.org/site_media/uploads/attachments/2014-05-08/140505_Project_Renderings_11_x_17.pdf
  17. It's crane day downtown! Just remembered it's Hines on this one and they aren't messing around like usual.
  18. This is a frustrating project. I see it is moving forward, but with the city dumping $150 million into this it's not unreasonable to expect it to get going a little quicker right? Haven't they had financing lined up, renderings completed, and contractors picked for months now? They had a big groundbreaking ceremony a month ago, ate their cake, and since have really only erected a fence. Sure it's not Mayor Parker's responsibility and there are other projects that have quietly cancelled or pushed back start dates, but I don't think there is a more reported on project in all of Houston(besides the Exxon aerials for days) while also receiving city money and is still failing to make major progress. I have no doubt it'll pick up soon(probably this Monday to spite me), just a little perturbed something with so many things going for it still cannot start at the announced (April 11th) groundbreaking. Honestly, so they don't ever get it wrong, they should just say it'll start soon and will be finished sometime after that. It would be annoying, but at least they can't be wrong when using vague terms. End /rant. Sorry about that guys. Really anxious for this side of downtown to look completely different in a few years.
  19. Might as well just cover both Pearls in the same thread. Those are definitely different renderings too. Very similar looking buildings but I'd say the 8 story looks a little higher end. CityCentre is really blowing up though development. It and Memorial City are definitely a mini-Uptown with all the jobs and apartments and a growing skyline! It's really impressive to see West Houston's growth from the west loop, west belt and out to the Grand Parkway.
  20. If this is $600 million I am really interested about the rumored $2 billion project in downtown Houston.
  21. http://realtynewsreport.com/2014/05/07/misplaying-houstons-finest-redevelopment-site/ I would much rather have a company like Midway have the Post Office site and let them do something visionary with it rather then let the city squander a great opportunity. I don't see why the police station has to be in such a prime spot. Sure it's a central location but having it a half mile north, south, or east of downtown would still give them a central location on (probably) cheaper land, no?
  22. You can really start to see the footprint of the building taking shape on the webcam! Awesome seeing this thing come to fruition after all the months of talk. Interesting to see a bunch of trucks on site as Hines is really getting at it, while the Marquis site looks quiet.
  23. ^Nate's the only one that understands me! I enjoyed the discussion that it sparked however and think that Houston is far more likely to get a supertall than Dallas. The only question is when that will be if it's this cycle or next! With all the rumors of big projects in downtown and even Uptown I definitely think we can get one soon though. :]
  24. We need one of these things to grow some legs! Dallas is about to beat us to the punch haha
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