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  1. Whats the name of that small building in the middle. I know they're lofts but I forgot their name. They seem to have done well these past few years, even though the south side of downtown doesn't have much  going on around it.

  2. At the risk of sounding like an immature teenager, I just want the street name changed because I don't want anyone to associate Houston's new downtown premier shopping district with cow-pies.

    As crazy as some people may think it is, I agree 100%. I remember the city considering changing the street name when Mayor White was in office, but I never heard much after that. Id just rename it to Houston St. or hell make it a Blvd and name it Houston Blvd.

  3. This is the potential downtown development that I worry about the most, and the lack of renderings or any detail on their plans doesn't give me any confidence. Any downturn in the economy and we can expect a lot of plans to be scuttled "temporarily" in favor of surface parking. That is what happened on the adjacent block (now Reliant). Same thing on the block that was supposed to have held the Bank of the Southwest tower. The existing structure was torn down and never replaced.

    If they don't develop something a surface lot will harm any plans to develop Dallas St as a retail "district".

    You make a very solid point which I agree with. The only optimism I hold on to is how fast developers are jumping on starting new projects. Its at such a feverish pace that I personally believe we could hear somethibg as soon as this is torn down. Its a prime piece of real estate.




    I think you have it backwards. Montrose, Midtown, and Heights are still adding people and retail, it is downtown that is catching up. 


    That may be the case here in Houston, but once a stable downtown is created, it's only going to have a greater effect on outlining neighborhoods. Houston is spread out, so yeah those neighborhoods have developed very organically, with little to no help from downtown activity, which is really a good thing. What I'm saying is that when downtown DOES become a more centralized hub of activity, it can only build on itself outwards toward those neighborhoods, thus enhancing whats already been created.

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  5. I took my girlfriend to eat in Montrose the other night, for the most part, yes, the city should be more concerned with better sidewalks. It would only enhance the area. Not saying every sidewalk in the area is terrible, but there were some small pockets where it was kind of hard to walk through. I say we make our voice be heard to city council and get something done.

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  6. In my personal opinion, the reason I even made this post is because if our downtown becomes a stable neighborhood for development, when investors decide to build something new, it will have a ripple effect for other neighborhoods such as Montrose, Midtown, the Heights, etc. And from there we can expect to see even more dense development throughout the city.

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  7. Whats downtown going to be like in the next 3 to 4 yrs? I was thinking about all the projects going up downtown and I cant even completely wrap my mind around everything going on!

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