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  1. And there's another bar going in directly north of this. Will be an interesting mix!
  2. Tons of industrial property just waiting to be flipped in this area. Lots of available space.
  3. The 18th/TC Jester intersection is a complete embarrassment pavement wise and definitely needs a stop light.
  4. Right across from McIntyre's. The retirees can walk across the street and party it up with the youngins.😀
  5. Does this replace David Weekley's below townhome development or is it adjacent? http://swamplot.com/where-a-new-timbergrove-neighborhood-is-now-springing-up-across-610-from-the-northwest-mall/2018-06-27/
  6. A different looking building that extends the skyline. I think it'll look great when completed. That whole area by Market Square is shaping up very nicely.
  7. This should do well. That shopping center is ripe for this kind of project. Really hope they don't stick to "Grove Heights".
  8. Yep. That appears to be the site. As a Timbergrove resident, I'd be ecstatic if this comes to fruition!
  9. Please please please happen. I've always thought that nothing will happen here until the 610 construction is completed. It is finally getting close to being finished...so much potential for this site.
  10. Wow. A ton of good news for the North Shepherd/Durham and Shady Acres area. That area is really getting attention from bars, restaurants, shops, etc. Can't blame them. The market is strong in that area. Shepherd/Durham from I-10 to 610 is PRIME for redevelopment.
  11. I live in Timbergrove and drive this stretch everyday. The Guefen Apartments are further south, adjacent to the railroad tracks. In-Town homes is also building a massive townhome expansion on Kansas Street just south of this as well. http://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/33138-haven-at-washington-ave-apartments/ They had construction fencing up on the former Paradise Motel lot (was going to be townhomes), but that came down recently and it appears up for sale again. The remaining warehouses you reference are all up for lease. A tire seller just moved into 1 this we
  12. Yes, and the industrial buildings just north of that lot that are on 12th.
  13. Looks like a renovation/new town-home development. Nice. As a Timbergrove resident, I'm just happy that overgrown lot may finally be something nice. The sidewalk there has been overgrown for awhile. I did notice last week they finally mowed a piece of the property along the street. Although, that may have been the adjacent neighbors as I noticed they did some painting/aesthetic touches.
  14. GREAT picture! Man, I wish the gap between 3 Allen and 1400 Smith would be filled.
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