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  1. This building does a great job combining the blue glass and brick of the surrounding buildings.
  2. I was in this hotel around 2015/2016 and they did their best to update the hotel, however the ceiling heights seemed extremely low. I'm really surprised they are remodeling this building instead of tearing it down and starting over. It's on a large piece of property and it's an oddly shaped building. I would think it would make more sense to start over from scratch and build a larger building with higher floor to ceiling heights.
  3. I quite like the design of this building. I think it would make a great 3 unit multifamily with parking tucked underneath.
  4. Nowhere in the article does it say that the Centennial Plaza will not come to fruition. . . The article is about them not replacing the College of Education with a new building once the Farish Hall is demolished to make way for the Centennial Plaza.
  5. The Houston Business Journal article states that the TMC Bioport will be south of the 610 Loop. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2022/09/20/texas-medical-center-new-bioport-campus.html
  6. This is a different developer from the developer of East River. I'm sure they could care less about East River's views. Its cost related.
  7. Such a large assembly of land so close to the inner city. Sucks that one developer could not come up with a masterplan and develop it instead of selling it off piece by piece. Where is Midway when you need them ..
  8. Is this is going to be garden style apartments with surface parking lots?
  9. I forgot about this place. Have they signed any retail or office tenants? Still just the food hall, concert venue, and rooftop?
  10. Oh ok. No high-rises, just a better pedestrian realm.
  11. Similar to what River Oaks District is doing? All River Oaks District is doing is adding a pocket park, updating the sidewalks, and landscaping.
  12. Highland Village and River Oaks Shopping Center are two different developments. Kimco owns River Oaks Shopping Center and that is where the multiple high rises were planned.
  13. Is it? Texas Supreme Court Clears Eminent Domain Hurdle, Clearing Way For High-Speed Rail (bisnow.com)
  14. Hopefully it will be purchased by Hanover or Midway!
  15. In regards to the Allen Parkway Village, they should preserve the original buildings around Bluebonnet Place Circle, Valentine Way, & Blue Place Circle. The land containing the remaining buildings which have no historical value should be sold off for redevelopment. HHA should then work out a deal with the new buyer to incorporate low income/mixed income housing in the redevelopment.
  16. I am happy they are painting that yellow apartment building another color.
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