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  1. Frank Lui and major development do not go together. . .
  2. The first multi family building in East River will be called The Laura.
  3. I'm sure A&M wants that land for their expansion.
  4. I think this is a part of this development. Like the next phase or something.
  5. I saw 3 construction trailers and earth moving equipment on site today.
  6. Seems like this flew under the radar. https://www.houstonchronicle.com/business/bizfeed/article/Louis-Vuitton-is-coming-to-The-Woodlands-14284471.php Pretty impressive how The Woodlands continues to expand its luxury retail options.
  7. Uptown is becoming more and more of a urban environment. Density is part of a urban environment. If your looking for views uptown is not the area for you.
  8. The design reminds me of The Allen Thompson Hotel/condo project on Allen Parkway.
  9. MetroNational owns that entire shopping center and the shopping center across Benignus Rd. Coincidentally I was discussing Spring Branch today with one of the attorneys I work with. He has a friend that works in urban planning and land development. His friend told him that MetroNational has big plans for Memorial City and adjacent areas and that they will be doing a lot of development within the next 5-6 years.
  10. I'm not sure about the residential building. However, this was planned for the site a few years ago:
  11. Are we sure they will be building a 25 story office building? The description “and MD Anderson's first facility on its Mid Campus, a 25-story building to support current office space and future growth needs.” Sounds like their existing 25 story Mid Campus 1 building.
  12. Awesome that this institute will continue to expand in the medical center!
  13. I remember reading this a few years back. I’m glad I was able to locate the article. The Zoo does want to expand just not in its current area. “And he wishes for a satellite zoo outside the city. Already, more than 2.4 million guests visit the zoo annually. "We do remarkably well with our 55 acres, but we need more space," he says. He mentions San Diego, which has a 100-acre zoo in the city and another 1,800 acres in the suburbs. "Think of a wild animal park - a safari park - that would allow for more conservation and more breeding." https://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/houston/amp/New-Houston-Zoo-CEO-takes-a-walk-on-the-wild-side-6746267.php
  14. I wonder why there has not been any formal announcements for this project. MetroNational is a impressive developer, they are constantly building something new in that area!
  15. Now that this is done what is next to go up on this campus?
  16. I'm not impressed by the properties they own. Grrenspoint Mall, Pasaden Town Square, San Jacinto Mall. All dumps!
  17. https://www.bizjournals.com/houston/news/2019/07/25/sneak-peek-plans-for-mixed-use-project-near.html
  18. I saw what looked like large drilling machinery on site today on my way to and from work.
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