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  1. Looking for opinions of the neighborhood of Brookwood Estates. North of the Loop from Timbergrove, but a lot more affordable. See some new construction of townhomes off of Sherwood Lane, but also a lot of less than desirable apartments. However, new HISD building going up directly across 290. Opinions about this general area? Anyone?
  2. Everytime I see Tillman's convention center on the seawall, I can't help but think that it just looks like a casino. According to an islander that I met recently, the convention center has already been wired for slot machines. Now that Tillman has officially taken over the Golden Nugget in Las Vegas, how long will it be before Texas allows him to open his casino here? Do you think it's possible?
  3. Passed by on my way to work this morning, and the MetroNexus (Old Fleming Warehouse) is meeting with the wrecking ball. About 1/4 of the building was already down at 6:30 am.
  4. I was a student at the Hallie Pritchard School of Dance in the 70's. Her dancers had many opportunities to perform on the Don Mahoney and Jeana Claire show. It was taped on Friday nights at channel 39 on Westpark. I remember how scratchy the bales of hay were to sit on with our costumes on. I ripped many a pair of hose on those! Don Mahoney was always kind and would call us over after the performance to ask our names and how long we had been dancing and such. Poor thing, though, he was losing his eyesight and really couldn't even make out where you were standing and had to feel around for the cowbell. I do remember that after we taped the show, we would go to I think Antonio's Flying Pizza on Fondren for dinner. If anyone has access to any of these old shows or would know if anyone had copies of them, I would love to get a memory from my youth!
  5. My family has lived in the Heights since approx 1927. My grandparents house was built then, has gone through numerous hurricanes, and has never (knock on wood) suffered any damage. As far as flooding, the story goes, that when my grandfather and his brother decided to purchase land in the Heights, that they visited the property after a big rain. Being country boys, they stomped on the ground, saw that it was high and dry, and decided to settle their families there. We've been there ever since!
  6. 3 juveniles suspected Still, the threat of looting was on some people's minds. "I heard Target on South Main was looted," Jim Snow, a southwest Houston homeowner, said Saturday. "That's not the way things go in Texas. They don't do that." Three juveniles, including an 8-year-old girl, are accused of breaking into the SuperTarget and attempting to steal $1,200 worth of computer games and electronics, said McDuell. The juvenile suspects told police they were Katrina evacuees from New Orleans and were staying in a nearby motel in the Astrodome area. There also was an attempted burglary at the Wal-Mart at 3450 FM 1960 West, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office. The suspects were from Houston. The above is from the Sunday Chronicle.
  7. This sounds like something Wayne Dolcefino would love to sink his teeth into as well.
  8. Excuse me, but ridge venting with correct soffit venting is not efficient. That is probably one of the worst solutions for removing heat from the attic. But, it's just my opinion.
  9. Just ate at Candelari's on Washington this week. It was very good, very pleased. Also a fan of Star and Fuzzy's and Barry's.
  10. Have had the pleasure of seeing Sammy perform at the Galant Knight for years and have visited his new place once. It's great! Sammy is the ultimate performer! If you've never seen him, go. It is worth it!
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