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HAIFer to HAIFer

Need something? Don't look in the phone book -- look to your fellow HAIFers.
Look here for members of HAIF providing the goods and services you ned every day. If you're a HAIFer, feel free to advertise your company or skills here for others to see.
It's a way for one HAIFer to help another HAIFer out.

HAIFer to HAIFer Rules

If you have a company, a service, or something else of interest to your fellow HAIFers, this is the place to advertise it.

Only HAIFers in good standing who have contributed to the HAIF community may advertise here. If you have fewer than 25 posts or have been registered on HAIF less than four months, don't even bother -- your ad will be deleted.

Inclusion of these ads is not an endorsement by HAIF of the goods or services provided. No warranty is expressed or implied. We're simply providing a space where HAIFers can network and help each other out.

All of the HAIF
None of the ads!

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