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  1. Some updates to the site: front windows and doors. Also a permeable parking lot.
  2. Final plans for the conversion to a hotel for 1114 Texas Street were approved on Friday, 6/2/2017. 150-rooms. COH Project Number: 16026115 It's not on the Downtown District's May 2017 hotel development map, but nonetheless...
  3. The second floor framing is going in at the Residences at Hardy Yards. They're making good progress.
  4. Construction work on the apartments is underway. First floor being built. There's a bunch of wood housed on the east side of the site, so things should be going up quickly.
  5. After spending some time in Galveston last weekend I was researching some permitting data. Looks like this project may be a go again. Looks like the ITEX Group is planning a 72-unit apartment.
  6. Nice find Urbannizer... How does one come across that?!... But, is this still even something that's planned, given the city's influx of apartments in the last 2 years? Also, a while ago it was pointed out to me that the UPRR ROW to the south of Washington Ave. was for sale. It'd be wide enough to put townhouses there, but parking and access would be an issue, and I'd guess PWE wouldn't favor allowing curbcuts along that stretch of Memorial Heights Drive...
  7. The renderings don't show what the parking on the roof will look like. It's pretty shielded from the ground level, which is nice.
  8. From last week... The concrete for the foundation of the apartments is going in.
  9. I was told by a construction worker that even the Downtown District operations offices (which are moving around the block to the other side of the building) are temporary, so I anticipate that everything will be coming down eventually. Perhaps they'll just continue to have the parking garages operate until something is decided to place on the site. This way they're paying less in taxes by not having a big vacant building, but still making money on the old Macy's garage.
  10. Not sure if this deserves a new thread, but I spoke to a construction worker at the Americana Building site (Block 257), and they are going to be demolishing the tower from the top down. There's barricades out on Dallas Street, so it seems like things will be progressing quickly. Also, the Downtown District operations is moving its office from 1119 Milam to 1102 Travis, which is the SW corner of Travis and Lamar.
  11. A bit more progress on the parking garage at the Residences at Hardy Yards. Notice the cap on the top floor. (7 floors of parking with a rooftop amenity floor).
  12. This proposal was not supported by the leaders of Super Neighborhood 51. New Hope Housing said that they do not want to build in areas that they're not made welcome, so unfortunately it doesn't look like this will be progressing any time soon. It's a shame, because affordable housing (not a shelter), is something the Near Northside could use. This site is also vacant and normally has trash on it. I am supportive of this project, and hope in the future it will be presented a bit sooner, and can have some more community input.
  13. Thanks for that, Triton. Yes, our Nextdoor feed is off the rails already. I'm hoping to attend to provide some support for the project.
  14. There is a Super Neighborhood 51 meeting tomorrow night, addressing a potential New Hope Housing development. The site is rumored to be located at 1515 North Main, directly across from the Burnett Transit Center and Hardy Yards. I want to say I had seen a rendering for apartments at this site from a while ago. (Does that ring a bell to anyone?! I've looked and can't find it...) I don't know if I saw them on here, or something in the UHDowntown plans. Either way, I think they were speculated to be student housing at one point.