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Rock 103.7 Outlaw dave


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According to his website 'Elvis has left the building until May 3, 2007.' Obviously the end of his non-compete with Cumulus.

There's some speculation he'll follow the lead of Moby and try Country at 93Q but probably more likely he knows of an impending format flip at another station where he'll fit in. Or then, maybe the exit wasn't his idea at all.

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Tuned in to 103.7 for my daily Live at 5 today, and heard a countdown (cheesy launch countdown), and the announcement of the Houston launch of "Air 1". I gave it a few minutes after he announced that they were on in Houston and asked for someone to bring him some Pappasitos. Then he went on to say that "this isn't your normal show, its unique, blah blah" then he went on to say this is not a show about Christianity, this is a show about Jesus. I then reproggramed my station.

This was the last station in Houston i could consistently listen to. Back to my mp3s...

I guess this is part of Cumulus's downsizing (bankruptcy filing?), is 104.1 next?

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