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Jersey is taking over Houston (for a few days)


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I was out last night and I have to admit, Rutgers fans are showing up in numbers. Very impressed at the amount of fans coming in for the game. One bar in midtown was completely packed with their fans and its good to see people in visiting the city and seemingly having a good time. what I was most impressed by was the way most seemed to be catching on pretty quickly - saw them splitting cabs and generally not having a tough time getting around. usually I think thats everyone's number one complaint is getting around the city.

supposedly its having a good impact economically as well...

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If Jersey is taking over Downtown and Midtown, then Kansas has Uptown all to themselves. Even at eleven o'clock last night, traffic was heavy and all kinds of Wildcat fans were trying to cross Westheimer at some very interesting (and illegal) crossing points. LOL!

It's always a fun time to have a good bowl matchup in town. I remember when Oklahoma State played here some years ago (the first bowl game at Reliant, I believe) and the Cowboys brought over 20,000 fans. The Loop absolutely confounded and astounded them as they tried to loop through the Galleria and points west.

I hope it turns out to be a good game this year.

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On my way home about 4:20 yesterday the Rutgers' fans were at city hall with their band and having a great time. I hope the Texas Bowl can do well and get better. It is great having lots of out of towners down here. And not to worry about the exhorbitant hotel rates and taxes. Those people who make these trips don't live on a fixed income. :lol:

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