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Home At 12923 Memorial Dr.


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I think the people who did the remodel ended up moving into the home.

As for the home across the street from this home (the one with the roof half on), this home has been under remodel for ages. There should be a seperate post just for that home- I dunno what's going on, but the lack of progress is troubling. An old man has been working by himself on it for the last 2 years, that I know of. Crazy, it even went through Ike with only half the roof on. I can only imagine what the inside looks and smells like.

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Now wait a minute! I have a cousin that works at a Home Depot and her husband manages one. They both have reasonable tastes and know better. That design product mix is targeted for the General Homes production suburb tract house units - you know the vast prairies of shimmering asphalt roofs extending from horizon to horizon across the nation. Those are the neighborhoods where anything custom is usually spelled with a "K" anyway.

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And The Frame House, EmanuEl Temple, and Shell One. It was a good year for moderns.

I think it was just an oversight and they're planning on putting it up. We never did see the pics they took of us with our brick though. But the people we sat next to were very friendly. They were personal friends with one of my boyhood idols, Itzhak Perlman, and invited us to see him in concert and meet him afterwards, thrill of my life!

By the way, is anyone here going this year? Look for Houston Mod and say hi!


Has anyone wondered why the 2007 awards were never listed on the ghpa website? The Mosbacher house and Willowisps' house got awards that year.
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  • The title was changed to 12923 Memorial Dr.
  • The title was changed to Home At 12923 Memorial Dr.

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