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Landscaper suggestions?

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I have an older home in Oak Forest and am looking for suggestions for a good, honest landscaper. I am not one to spend a lot of time keeping up the yard, so I am interested in low maintenance ideas. I probably would like to go with native plants - I want them to be hearty in this climate. Any suggestions for landscapers in the area that would have reasonable rates?


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Grab a couple of illegals and have them plant some hearty pear trees.

You will save lots of money and the pear tree will grow fast and tall without the roots encroaching on your home's foundation.

That's it? Just pear trees? I hardly consider that landscaping.

Back on topic, I'd be interested in a landscaper to do the same to my yard as well.

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while this may not be specific enough, the native plant society has a list of resources:


click on the "sources" link at the end of the page, and there's a PDF with a list of a few places...

the plant suggestions are good, too :)

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I'm the same way. I ended up going to Buchannons and explaining my wants/needs. A couple of the salespeople were fabuloous! They took me around and showed me the plants that would work and even designed the layout... I did the labor but still!

Now just a couple of months after planing, the plants are all flourishing! I'm having weed issues, but that would happen regardless.

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resurrecting this topic - any suggestions for a landscaper who is reasonable, will do basic design and install? I want to get started before everyone gets busy for spring.

Foliage Concepts did a beautiful design and install for us in the front of our ranch house years back. Savannah Hollies, hawthorne bushes,french drain and irrigation tweaking. Design, products and installation was rather cheap compared to most ( I think it cost around 3k for the entire front house line) and it looked wonderful. No maintanece except for the two small color beds I requested by the front door.

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