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New Orleans

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Labor Day Weekend 2006

The 53-Story Place St.Charles towers over Royal Street


From the Future Jax Brewery Condominiums


The Mighty Mississippi and the Port of New Orleans


The Home of Mr. Bingle replaced by a Ritz-Carlton.


One River Place




The once-luxury Lake Kenilworth Apartments have seen better days.


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The once-luxury Lake Kenilworth Apartments have seen better days.


That last picture used to be Hidden Lake apartments on Martin St. When I was a Marketing Director I had to go there a few times. (Every time I could concoct an excuse to go to New Orleans!) It is weird to see it in that condition!


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Had a closing on a drilling company we are acquiring in New Orleans yesterday, I took over Big Giant Drilling so the name will now change to GoldBridge Drilling Inc. and become a subsidiary of GoldBridge Energy LLC my new company. And afterwards decided to go for a drive before heading back to see what progress is being made in the Lower 9th ward area. I was really amazed to see it is still in terrible shape. It looks like Katrina may have come through a couple of months back instead of over a years. They are working on cleaning up but it is a long way off from being close to completion. I took some photos of the area as I drove through.


This is the Lower 9th from the highway before I exited off the ramp.


As I drove in they were working clearing vehicles






The further in you drove the worse it got, they have made progress clearing the edges, however the inner section of the lower 9th are still horrific.


One of the cleanup guys told me that this was the symbols put up by FEMA rescue workers. He told me the number on the bottom meant 5 people died in this house, makes you really think. The smell is still awful, sthis area will be a long time coming back.

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New Orleans is a city born under a bad sign.

One native told me last week she heard that new construction has to be built at least 9 feet above the ground. We were wondering if 3 story townhouse builders might start to buy up some of the land now in earnest.

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