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Fran Is The Man


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I was a student in the glory days, longest home winning streaks, consistent wins over Texas, Tech was an after thought, and the Wrecking Crew rules campus.

What has happened in Aggieland?!?

Sure we're 4-0 now, but I have little confidence in a win against Tech let alone Oklahoma, Nebraska, or Texas. At what point this season is Fran's job either saved or eliminated? 6-6? 5-7?

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After watching today's game, I have to say that Fran has got to go! Sure we came back but we really only stopped Tech once! And when it mattered, well you saw that defensive stand.

I'm sick of his coaching embarrassing our school. Those late hits on the QB and lack of tackling is NOT Aggie football. Get rid of him and his unemployed Def. Coordinator!

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I've got to admit it, today's game was awesome! Fran came through today. Sure there were some problems and an embarassing personal foul, but the Ags played well. Even the defense showed up. The atmosphere at Kyle reminded me of the golden years.

Bring on Oklahoma State!

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Where are all my fellow Ags out there? I think we can officially state that Fran IS the man! I'm sure many out there were shocked by this win, but for Aggies who have been watching the last 3 weeks, I think we all knew this win was possible.

It's a sweet, sweet victory, a shift in power back to Aggieland. I think it's been proven that Vince was the difference last year. He surely would've pulled out the last 2 games. Now the road is wide open to the Big 12 Championship for the next few years.

Let's move on to focusing on future successes, building recruiting back, and letting Fran, the mastermind, work his magic.

That was a great game, well overdue, but well worth it. Gig'em!

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