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Got photos of Houston and the surrounding areas?


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I need some help. I post regularly at a website called citynoise. It's a very cool website of photos and posts about where you live. Here's their description from their site:

Citynoise.org: a public photoblog where people with a love for the urban form, modern world, or a general appreciation of their environment gather to post stories, narratives and often upload photos of their favourite cities, hometowns, travels, or current locations.
Houston was recently ranked 5th in top cities by number of posts. I am constanly in competition for the 5th spot by the Canadians in Montreal, Quebec and this is where I need your help. I need folks to post more pictures and stories about Houston!! Citynoise will host your images for you, all you need to do is upload them (follow the rules please, no images wider than 600 pixels), add a title and be sure to place "Houston, Tx" in the location (without quotes). I'm sure with your help, we can get Houston back in the 5th spot and push Quebec further back!

Now, we don't need to flood or inundate this site, but if you have a great picture and a story or description that can go along with it, your help is greatly appreciated. This is not a competition by any means, I just want more folks to post Houston stuff so we can keep our city on their frontpage!

Visit their site, look around and get a general feel for the site, then upload a photo or two! You can see all my posts here to get an idea of what I post. You can browse other cities and other authors to get a feel for what they post. Let's keep Houston on their homepage!

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