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Isadora's doll shop turns portuguese cuisine


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so other than the hunt for hulda (link below), i have also been

trying to research another long gone houston individual. i had

a few leads which have converged to a dead end.

that dead end is: 302 fairview (at taft) and was called Isadora's

it is now "Leao Do Mar" a recent Portuguese restaurant.

the building is much different now, as it is bright yellow and

went through much remodeling.

i am not sure if this doll maker has relocated. i do not know

if the location was previously only a shop or also a residence.

all leads stop here and i hope that maybe anything you may

know could solve this little mystery -- which i will share with

you of course, like our dear hulda!

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302 fairview was once the residence of george and mamie williford. mr. williford was a civil engineer for gulf refining co.

about what time period was isadora's around?

some time before 2003. here is the HCAD link

a friend attended a sale there and purchased a collection of items.

a few years later he gave it to me for my birthday. when i finished

looking through the entire collection i started to investigate some of

the loose ends.

i asked my friend and he gave me a lead today of someone who

worked for the dollmaker shop years ago. i assumed that this was

something handed down to him though his family, yet it was here in

houston the whole time. :(

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to correct my own initial post. Isadora's Doll Hospital was

on w. alabama. had a client at work mention it today, so

now i am at a complete loss as to how the 302 fairview property

fits in and believe it may have been the shop owner's former

residence after all. next step is to contact the former long-term

employee and see if this wild goose chase is getting anywhere...

if anyone has an older yellow pages can they tell me if there

was a doll maker/hospital on w. alabama or fairview? thanks,

i know this is quite random. :mellow:

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Mary Van Osdell opened and successfully operated Isadora's, a vintage shop on West Alabama for 12 years plus. When she closed the shop, she bought a 2 story home at 302 Fairview and had a shop at the back for making her dolls and repairing others. Mary was know world wide for her original dolls that are still being sold online from personal sellers and collectors and on ebay. Mary passed in 2002 from brain cancer.


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