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TxDOT College Station Consider Highway 6 Toll Roads


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College Station, TxDOT consider Hwy 6 toll roads


Because of construction and subsequent traffic, Highway 6 is being used as a north and south route for local traffic, instead of regional traffic, said Kevin Fogle, transportation planner for the city of College Station.

As a solution, there have been talks about adding toll roads to Highway 6, said Bob Colwell, public information officer of the Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT).

"Making toll roads will help us to do projects faster," he said.

Colwell said adding toll roads could happen in the near future, if the public supports the issue.

"We want to do what the public wants," he said.

When it comes to completing construction projects in a timely manner, money is a big problem, Colwell said. Toll roads would help get more money and contribute to the solution, he said.

"The estimated cost of maintaining and constructing road improvement over the next 25 years is $1 billion," Colwell said.

Fogle said money has been an imperative issue in completing construction throughout town.

"We are struggling to find money for road improvement," Fogle said. "We need $40 million just to get caught up."

Not only are city officials looking to add toll roads to Highway 6, but there is also serious consideration of expanding it to six lanes, Fogle said.

"Highway 6 is supposed to be used for regional traffic, but because there is so much traffic inward in town, people use Highway 6 locally as an alternate north and south route," he said.

The city of College Station and TXDOT are working together to find a solution to this problem, Fogle said.

"There are only three north and south routes throughout the city," he said.

In order to complete these alternate routes and fix the current north and south routes, money has to be acquired, Fogle said.

"The Texas Avenue project alone is costing an estimated $17 million," he said.

Fogle said when there is an increased capacity on one road, there is usually a balance, because people will take alternate routes, but with the current problem of lack of alternate routes, traffic flow has stayed congested.

"If we create alternate routes it will improve traffic flow," he said. "If we sit back and not do anything, it will continue to get worse, it is just a waiting game to find the money."

Jason Jarrell, a senior civil engineering major, said money is a factor, but if toll roads are created, then traffic will just be pushed inward into town, because no one would want to use the toll roads.

"Any city you go to, there will be construction and traffic, it's just a fact of life," he said. "But I don't think toll roads are necessarily a good solution to the problem."

Ric Williamson, chair of the Texas Transportation Commission, said, in his letter regarding the strategic plan for 2007-2011, there will have to be options explored through out the state of Texas.

"The Texas transportation system does not meet the needs of our rapidly increasing population," Williamson said. "We believe reducing congestion, improving air quality, enhancing safety, encouraging economic opportunity and preserving the value of our transportation system are goals shared by all Texans - we intend to reach these goals by using every financial option granted to us."

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I don't see why they are making the part of 6 that is underconstruction 3 lanes each way instead of 2. I know there will be feeders, but with the way the traffic is getting we are going to need 3 lanes of freeway through out the Bryan-College Station area.

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