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Zarima...Indonesian diva in Houston once


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...back in 1996, this hot, beautiful Indonesian actress by the TV name Zarina (real name Zarima Mirafsur) was caught in Jakarta with loads of Ecs.

The cops allowed her to change clothes before taking her to the station while busting her at her home.

She slipped out the bathroom and became a fugitive. Los Angeles is where she entered but it's in Houston where she spent months and months.

The (undercover) Indonesian Long Arm of the Law finally arrived in H-town and while she was browsing at some lingerie or novelty shop, she got busted.

I kinda followed the story back in that year but just thought about it now.

Some Indonesians I talked to, whether in forums or at the old Mata Hari restaurant in the Carillon Square, said it was a big media circus.

Houston was on the Indonesian spotlight.

I was told she fainted upon hearing of her prison sentence in Indonesia but I read that she got out quite early.

She looks like she's gotten a little up in years, as she was 27 back then now 37 or so but she can still scratch my back.


(Being of Filipino descent, I take interest in some Indonesian affairs and culture. The Philippines is sort of a Malay offshoot of Indonesian prehistoric migrants even dating to 1000s AD. Kinda Vulcans to Romulans analogy.)

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Yes, few people realize that Houston has a long, proud tradition of serving as a place of refuge for beautfiful foreign divas. Thirty years before Zarina, a lovely singer from Iceland arrived in Houston. Though she came from humble roots in Reykjavik, Houston provided a home and here she blossomed. Soon she was a major star playing glamorous venues like the Summit Club, where she enthalled audiences with her many moods, and hits such as "Yellow Bird" and "A Sprengisandi". The Houston Icelandic community still talks about her. She was... Hulda.


Of course, now she's gotten up a little in years.


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