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Some Democrats Gung-Ho over taking N.Korea out !


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I see a naval blockade of North Korea coming.

It all depends on how cooperative China is. They're N. Korea's top trading partner and closest ally (not that N. Korea has a lot of allies to begin with), so if China doesn't play along, we may as well not waste our resources on anything but a blockade by air cover.

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I'm skeptical as to if North Korea's telling the truth that they successfully tested a nuclear weapon. Just earlier this year, they claimed that they successfully tested 8 or 9 long-range missiles, but 5 of them failed. Not to mention the fact that it's taking so long to confirm that this was actually a nuclear test. If there was no radiation on the site, how would the world know that the nuclear arms race was not started by North Korea blowing up tons of TNT, and bluffing like they've done in the past?

If this were real and if Kim Jong-Il were so proud of North Korea's nuclear test, he would have ordered KNCA to film the test and aftermath, and it would have been broadcast on KNCA moments afterward. After that, we'd see the footage on CNN thanks to their South Korean affiliates. This story is fishy. They should still get heavy sanctions over the claims from the U.N. anyway.

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