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Houston skyline art -- mod


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I bought this piece of art at an antique store in Kemah in the early 90s. It is ceramic on wood, approximately 4 feet wide by 2 feet tall. It was labeled as Houston skyline art. The only information they could give me was that it was commissioned by a Houston architecture firm in the 50s. Note the barge and sailboat at the bottom.

I have since discovered that the artist is Harris Strong, a popular ceramic artist of the 50s and 60s, based in the northeast (you can usually find pieces of his art on eBay). I've had it appraised by a noted ceramic dealer in the NYC area.

What I would like to find out is what architecture firm it was commissioned for, and what are the buildings represented? Do any of you have any ideas?

I've asked many people over the years (including retired architects, local antique dealers, local architectural experts), some of whom may be HAIF participants, but no one has been able to help. Maybe this group of mod enthusiasts can help me crack the code.

I could be completely wrong -- it might not even be Houston. It could just be representative skyscrapers, not intended to be Houston-specific. But it definitely is Harris Strong, who did many commissions at that time.

I welcome any comments.


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Interesting. I'm not seeing anything here that jumps out as being especially "Houston-ish", except the red and black building lower right resembles the Bank of the Southwest building with the original colors reversed. Could it be just a generic representation?

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