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NYT: In Some Texas Cities, the Sprawl Is Vertical

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Obviously these will be added mostly (if not wholly) outside of the DT district.


National Perspectives

In Some Texas Cities, the Sprawl Is Vertical


Published: April 2, 2006

HOUSTON -- NOT all Texans own ranches, but they tend to like good-sized yards even if they live in the city, which is why the state's urban areas sprawl into the sunset. It's possible to run out of gas crisscrossing Houston. The same could be said for Dallas, Austin and San Antonio

Tall buildings are clustered mainly in downtown areas, which historically have been so deserted at night that tumbleweeds could blow unperturbed across the desolate streets. But now there's life after dark in and around Texas's central business districts, thanks to the construction of residential high-rise buildings. In a marked shift, more Texans are warming to high-rise living, particularly if the properties offer luxury amenities.

"The demand is kind of surprising because Texans are people who like dirt on the ground," said Nancy Elizabeth Garfield, an agent at Greenwood King Properties who specializes in high-rise residences.

According to Property and Portfolio Research, an independent real estate research and advisory firm in Boston, Houston is expected to add 3,119 high-rise condominium units in 2006 versus 1,001 in 2005.

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