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Houston Blueprint and Stationery

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Houston Blueprint (1333 Louisiana) is closing this Friday (3/31). Anyone who remembers drafting, engineering or graphic design from pre-computer days will wax nostalgic at seeing the dusty boxes of quad tracing paper, boxwood rulers, rub-off lettering, slide rules etc.

If you're under 30 and have never seen such things, this is probably your last chance.

Also, an employee told me that the space Houston Blueprint currently occupies will be gutted and turned into a drive-thru bank.

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Bummer. I think I'll swing in there during lunch today.

Do you think downtown could support an updated office supply store? Something along the lines of Office Depot, etc?

Probably. OfficeMax is expanding into a lot of urban environments with their "OfficeMax Express" stores, which are about 1/4 the size of a regular OfficeMax, but carry most of the essentials.

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