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My High School Classmate Ends Up On Tucker Carlson

DJ V Lawrence

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Probably going to be Houston's biggest celeb by the end of the year. Apparantly she now holds the record for most MySpace hits than anyone in the world (248 MILLION), is on the cover of Stuff magazine, and is about to get signed on a major record label. MAD respect!!!! Good work, Tila!! Keep it up!!!!

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Is it sad that I know who Tila Nguyen is, but no clue who Tucker Carlson is?

Not at all. (Don't you remember the Tucker Carlson vs. Jon Stewart debate on Crossfire?) In terms of Tila, what surprised me was that MSNBC announced that she had over 248,000,000 hits on her MySpace. That's insane. I checked out her site, curious as to how many friends she has in her buddy system. It's almost at a million people. And THEY seek her. She has more people on her buddy list then there are people in seven U.S. states (not including D.C, but yeah, she overpopulates that as well.)

Don't worry about Tucker. Remember, It's Tila on the cover of Stuff magazine this month, not him :P That's something else, too. I think her internet popularity scored her the cover.

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