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Warning: Police Sting Operation


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They had a major operation going last night, catching people turning left onto Brazos from Elgin (coming from Westheimer) where it says "No Turns"

when i got caught, they already had 2 people pulled over, and in the 10 minutes i was there getting ticketed, they caught at least 4 more.

i'll admit i deserve that ticket, it was an illegal left. i was annoyed that there were 6 cops there on a saturday night at 10pm. i'm sure there was nothing more important going on for them to tend to.

and the kicker - the cop was a real dick. he asked if i was wearing contacts (i have Rest. A on my TDL) and i decided not to lie, and told him i got lasik. He asked when i said January. He said that was fine - then after i pulled away i realized he gave me a second ticket for not having an up to date license.

question - can i get my license updated and show that in court to dismiss that part of the ticket? then take defensive driving for the illegal turn?

if not, is the license update issue a non-moving violation that won't affect my insurance (again assuming i take defensive driving for the turn)?

also, should i have just said i was wearing contacts? he was such an a-hole, i thought he may ask me to prove it somehow.

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That "A-hole" may have done you a favor. Failure to update your license is not a moving violation, so paying that ticket will not affect your insurance. At court, you can ask the prosecutor to dismiss the left turn ticket in return for pleading guilty to the DL violation.

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thanks for the advice.

do i need a defense lawyer to pull that off? I'm assuming since they got so many people, they set all the court dates at the same time and the officer will show up. This makes it harder to get the ticket dismissed right?

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