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Sky Bar- Galveston

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Is that on the same block as the opera house? Wedged between (what used to be??) O'Malley's and OGC?

Yeah, its on the same street, but across the street. Check out where the x's are on the maps...

Sky Bar




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Ah cool, so O'Malley's is still there. (I used to wait tables with Jeff over at Gaidos before he opened the bar). OGC is now that parkinglot behind O'Malleys. Thats funny, I used to live in the building right next door to the skybar at the corner of 21st and Post Office. I loved that place.

Thanks for the maps to jog my memory.

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Is Foam Depot still down there?

No, its called something else now.

That was one of say three regular hangouts from about 1990 to 1994. Della the bartender made a wicked white pizza. (I know I've written this on this site once before or major deja vu).

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I almost beacme a Sea-Aggie, they didn't have a football program though. I got a nice tour of the facility back in High School, late 80's.

I was a Sea Aggie from 88-90 in the Engineering program and 90-94 in the Marine Sciences program. Played lacrosse, until main campus showed up and recruited half our team.

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