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Tabernacle Methodist Episcopal Church At 2011 Crawford St.

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In 1916, Joseph Finger and James Bailey joined together to form Finger & Bailey and designed the Tabernacle Methodist Episcopal Church located at 2011 Crawford Street.

A little confusing, in present-day there is a church near the area called St. John's United Methodist Church Downtown.  I don't think they're the same church though.

Pretty cool find here! I never knew Finger and Bailey had a firm together.  Unless if it wasn't an official partnership and they just designed the building together.

Rendering from 1916:



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Confusing for me as well.  2011 Crawford could very well have been demolished but 2019 Crawford (St. Johns) looks very much like your picture.  Church buildings built in that era often changed names as well as denominations.  First Lutheran 1311 Holman (J.W. Northrop, 1927) was originally First Evangelical.  It's almost identical twin St. Matthews 5315 Main (also J.W. Northrop 1927) was originally First Congregational.  

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