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Westheimer School Or Westheimer Park

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It just dawned on me that there is not a City of Houston school, and park, named after Mitchell Louis Westheimer.

Lamar School in River Oaks, on Westheimer Road, was given to the city by M.L. Westheimer.  However, there doesn't seem to be a school named after him.  Same with a city park.

Westheimer Road is apart of Houston history.  Maybe he doesn't need a school or park named after him at that point?

I don't have an image to include with this posting.  Although, I do have this historic 1896 classified advertisement about Westheimer's Race Track/Speedway which is pretty cool.


The race track was located off of West Alabama Street.


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23 hours ago, Highrise Tower said:

Is this lady apart of the Westheimer family? Given the age, and last name, I can only assume she's apart of the family.

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, America's diminutive and pioneering sex therapist, dies at 96



No. She was married to a Manfred Westheimer. Both of them were Holocaust survivors who lost families to the Nazis. Her maiden name was Siegel.

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