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How’s the current state of intercity bus travel from/to Houston? (Greyhound, FlixBus, Megabus/Coach USA, Vonlane, Tornado/El Expreso, Omnibus Express, etc)


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It doesn’t sound too great


Greyhound as just moved out of Downtown, closing the Downtown bus station, much like many other Downtown Greyhound bus stations lately (it should be lucky to have a whole other bus station built in Harrisburg, which is more than I can say for many other Greyhound)


Megabus/Coach USA also have their bus stop moved out of Downtown, but this time moved to Hilcroft P&R (also is it just me, or have the blue Van Hool double-deckers have retired and sold since the pandemic? Plus, they just never bothered buying new ones, making it no longer “Megabus” in all but name)


FlixBus also bought Greyhound to give it a helping hand. Don’t know if they also moved their downtown bus stop to Greyhound’s after the buyout


Leaving Vonlane and the new RedCoach Luxury Transportation to be the only downtown intercity bus options left


Turimex (for you Hispanics out there) is now dependent on Omnibus Express in the U.S., as it lost many bus stops and bus stations across Texas


Everything else is more or less the same


It also doesn’t help that none of the local, state, nor federal governments are doing anything to help the intercity bus industry at all, AFAIK

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Megabus no longer has the double decker buses for their Texas routes, but I do think they're still operating on some routes in the Northeast. 

Flixbus still operates from the Gray lot (Gray at Smith) and also has some trips from the Harrisburg Station. 

From my experience, Redcoach and Vonlane are still the best. Megabus is consistent and affordable. Stay away from Flixbus. 

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