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On a more personal note. I'm sorry to hear of Mr. McNairs passing. Not only was he a great business man but he brought Houston a pro football team and a beautiful

state of the art stadium. He was a great community leader and gave millions to Houston for Hospitals research and other community needs. He was a supporter of many Houston charities and he and his wife helped to raise awareness to many causes. Although he did make one awkward move with his comment about his players he was a well respected member of the NFL owners group and he will be missed by Houstonians. I wish there were more like him who would choose to share their wealth and knowledge with the less privileged. That being said I think the post oak /Richmond project was being developed by his son as the main driving force.

I believe it will continue to be developed.


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What's going on over at McNair Interests? They had 2 (maybe 3) proposals for Post Oak at Richmond but nothing ever got off the ground.

Meanwhile, they started construction on a mixed-use development elsewhere in Houston, and are planning another Mixed-Use development near The Heights.  There was also renderings released for the South Post Oak Lane development(s).

I wish McNair Interests would complete one project a time, starting with their "legacy" development on Post Oak Blvd at Richmond Road.  Someone on HAIF speculated that they are waiting until the 610/59 construction is done before breaking ground.  However, that interchange is kind of always under construction.

One of my dream proposals for Uptown:



Teaser from a few years ago. There was a glass facade mock-up built.


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