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…and we're back.


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Sorry to be offline for so long.  HAIF has been moved.

There are new features, and probably a few rough spots to iron out.  If you run across anything strange, let me know here or e-mail me at editor@houstonarchitecture.com.



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4 minutes ago, astrohip said:

Welcome back! 

New features?!? Inquiring minds and all...?

Some.  I have to go through them all and want to make sure they work before I announce anything.  A lot of it is on the back end, like more reliable delivery of e-mail notifications.

One is the ability to let people register with Microsoft e-mail addresses like outlook.com, hotmail.com, and a few others.  Microsoft was blocking all e-mail from HAIF.  There were also occasionally problems with Google's GMail service.  

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More changes:

  • The new system has a better spam detection, so new users no longer have to be manually approved.  If you've signed up, but never been approved, sign up again, and it should be an automatic process now.
  • I added a block to the posts pages showing Similar Content.  It's based on tags, so if a post has no tags, it won't show up.  Not shown if you're on a phone.
  • I added a block to the posts pages showing Trending Content.   Not shown if you're on a phone.
  • If you're not signed in, there's a sidebar block for logging in or registering.
  • I updated the Location profile box to read “Location/ZIP Code” so that people understand they don't have to give their exact location.  And if you don't want people to know where you are, you can still leave this blank or just lie about it.
  • For those of you who use Apple devices, I can set up HAIF to allow you to log in with your face or fingerprint.  It takes a bit of work to do, but I'm considering it because it allows someone to register with Apple's Private Relay service that keeps their e-mail address private.
  • Change is coming to the user ranks.  Instead of only getting points for posting, people will be rewarded for posting quality content.  More information to come.
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