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Palais Royal At 706 Main St.

Highrise Tower

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Found a business advertisement for Palais Royal's second location at 706 Main Street.

A little confused on the structure itself.  Was this building demolished? Isn't Flying Saucer and St. Germaine located at 705 Main?  Researching around HAIF, I see there was the Goggan Building located at 706-708 Main Street.  Was this department store/clothing store in that building? The Goggan Building was a retailer of pianos, so I would assume they would be on the ground floor with offices on top.

Cool find none the less!

From the newspaper The Thresher dated November 23, 1928.

Palais Royal
Ready to Wear Millinery-Hosier-Underwear
706 Main

Collegiate Sports Wear

Moderately priced can always be found at the Palais Royal.
$9.75 / $14.75 / $23.75

Evening Dresses for the holidays latest modes in all the new shades.
$10 / $14.75 / $25

See our display of Xmas Gifts!


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Palais Royal opened at 700 Main and moved to 706 Main in 1927. Both addresses were in the Bankers Morgate Building, now known as the Great Jones Building. The space Palais Royal took over was formerly a music store named Goggans, which had a corner frontage. Palais Royal was off to the side. A jewelry store took over the old Palais Royal space, and Texaco's Offices were upstairs. Although Palais Royal and the former music store, had a small amount of second-story balcony and a large basement.

I don't think the music store was big enough to need offices. To facilitate this, each tenant had their own Main Street Address and still uses this practice. The music store moved to be next to Lowe's Movie Theater on McKinney. I believe this was the Goggans building.

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