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I did not know Isaac Brochstein (and family?) owned the 17-acre parcel of what is now Post Oak Central.

Exhibit 2.4 Purchase and Sales Agreement POC

Purchase And Sale Agreement (Post Oak Central)
Between Crescent POC Investors, L.P. As Seller
And Cousins POC I LLC As Purchaser


“Easement Agreements” means collectively (i) that certain Easement and Right of Way Agreement dated July 31, 1974, by and between Raymond Brochstein, Joel Brochstein, Branard Brochstein and Robert Brochstein, RMI, Inc., a Texas corporation, and Ralph C. Rupley, Jr., Robert S. Rupley and Betty Rupley Allen recorded under Clerk's File No. E746455, of the Real Property Records of Harris County, Texas, and terminated by that certain Release and Termination of--

Post Oak Central

Post Oak Central is a three-building-plus-garage complex developed by Gerald D. Hines Interests on a flat, seventeen-acre tract that belonged to architectural millwork manufacturer I. S. Brochstein. It was Brochstein, though, who brought Hines together with Philip Johnson by insisting that Hines retain Johnson/Burgee to design the Post Oak Central complex.

Official company website:


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6 hours ago, strickn said:

Have you ever been inside of their headquarters on South Main / 90?

Never personally.  Have you?

I know all about the area of their campus though :ph34r:

Do they need all that extra land behind their factory? Reminds me of wealthy family's in the 1920s to 1950s who have their house in the middle of a large parcel surrounded by trees.


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On 11/10/2023 at 4:28 PM, EspersonBuildings said:

I have never been inside of their headquarters but have always been curious about it.  My parents bought their first home just south of it in 1963 where I grew up.  We always passed by it on the way home from being out.  The Art Deco style with the reflecting basin is rather classic.

Is south of there also called Willow Meadows area by those in the vicinity?  I see that the City of Houston considers South Main to be a boundary between superneighborhoods.  Ordinarily I would be skeptical of that -- since both sides of a street do not work anything like both banks of a river -- but this particular bypass route is not part of a neighborhood streetscape in either direction.

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  • The title was changed to Brochstein Family

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