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Good piece on the development and overall history of Fountain Place from DMN. One in a series of a few local landmark buildings.


"Coming up on four decades after its completion, Fountain Place stands as the undisputed queen of the Dallas skyline, a critical and popular favorite. In 2011, it was given the 25-Year Award by the Texas Society of Architects, the highest honor that organization can bestow on a building. Earlier this month, the Dallas Architecture Forum awarded it one of three Landmark Awards (the others went to the Kimbell Art Museum and the Meyerson Symphony Center), affirming its status as the city’s most significant tower.

Those honors are fully warranted. To stand in the building’s plaza, with Dan Kiley’s waters splashing and Harry Cobb’s infinite glass grid rising above, is to be transported from the city’s bustle into a magical place where the natural and the manmade stand in ethereal balance.

I’ll meet you by the fountains."














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19 hours ago, Houston19514 said:

Meant "we" as in HAIF, since it was the Dallas Forum that issued them, but was more so a joke since "Dallas Architecture Forum" is a legit architectural forum, and we're an internet forum board.

Sorry, being silly. Fountain Place is one of our state's Crown Jewels. 

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