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1148 W 20th St


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1148 W 20th St & 1149 W 19th St are adjacent parcels in Shady Acres. The cumulative acreage of both parcels totals 0.47 acres approximately.

A 5,049 square foot apartment building is located at 1148 W 20th St. It's situated between The Boot, a Cajun restaurant and bar at 1206 W 20th St, and Hydroshack Hydroponics at 1138 W 20th St. 

Several bars are located across the street from 1148 W 20th St including: Austin's Backyard (1221 W 20th St), The Heights Social (1213 W 20th St), and Drift (1207 W 20th St).

On the 1148 W 19th St property is a home and garage apartment. Shady Acres Saloon (1115 W 19th St) and Heights Bungalow (1919 Beall St) are down the street.



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1148 W 20th St and 1149 W 19th St are for sale. I don't know when the properties hit the market, but there is at least one listing on LoopNet stating August.


Details from the listing:

  • 0.48 acres of commercial land for lease
  • +/- 20,732 contiguous sf of land
  • Contains a 5,049 SF boutique apartment building in rentable condition
  • Contains a 1,566 SF single family home plus a garage apartment that could be utilized with renovation
  • Proposed use: Commercial, retail, mixed use, multifamily, hospitality, apartment units, bar, hotel, parking garage, restaurant
  • Property is 2 adjacent lots, 1148 W 20th Street and 1149 W 19th Street totaling +/- 20,732 SF of land.  The property rests  between McIntyre’s & Bungalow Heights across the street from The Heights Social.  Subject rests in the thick of some of the highest TABC sales in the State.  Owner has preliminary plans for layouts that could potentially meet COH code.  Owner has other properties in the immediate area that are available for additional parking.


https://www.loopnet.com/viewer/pdf?file=https://images1.loopnet.com/d2/F__jhQWn-cgWK34kz9YP1MMA-bDnmZqaL42xtjQVZXA/Flyer 1148 W 20th.pdf


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