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Brazoria - 1939 Brazos River Bridge Demolition

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"It has been out of use since the new $45 million bridge on Highway 332 and FM 521 was completed in 2010. Ideas of converting it into a pedestrian bridge never came to fruition because of a lack of available funding to make the conversion."

Parts of the bridge may be salvaged for a monument to be placed on the grounds of the Brazoria Heritage Foundation.

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Last of Brazoria Bridge to come down soon; Heritage Foundation to erect memorial display to Bridge to Nowhere | Wbweekly | thefacts.com


“We have been working on pads/ramps for the mobilization of large cranes to remove the center span,” he said. “As soon as we complete the pads, the cranes will be able to begin mobilizing. We anticipate the project being done by late summer if not sooner.”

Demolition began in August. The steel from the bridge will be recycled, and the $207,987.50 credit will be given to to the Department of Transportation."

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It is so sad to see bridges like these disappear but a joy to see one preserved and adapted to a new use. As for preserving the steel structure, there are coatings available today that last much longer and have less environmental impact than in the past.

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