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Brochsteins At 3400 Washington Ave.

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I was looking into the original Brochsteins building.  It appears Brochsteins took over the building from another lumber company.

Found this article in the newspaper Texas Jewish Herald dated May 14, 1936.

The firm is located at 3400 Washington avenue, and is a leader in the Southwest in the designing and building of bank and office fixtures. They carry in stock eleven different varieties of solid woods as well as plywood and veneers for customers to select form.

Their plant is one of the most modern and up-to-date in the Southwest. Mr. Brockstein stated today that he is as proud of the fixtures installed in the new Baytown bank as any his firm has been privileged to model.


Brochsteins, Inc.
Designers and Manufacturers
Bank-Drug-Office-Store Fixtures-Distinctive Bars and Beer Equipment
3400 Washington Phone Taylor 1800


Spinner Lumber Company was previously, about 10 years earlier, located a 3400 Washington. Was this Brochsteins' first business venture? Did Brochstein bought the business and took over? Anyone know the story here? How could two different lumber companies occupy the same address/building?

From the newspaper Houston Post-Dispatch dated February 1, 1925.


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