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3608 Polk St

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if the process for doing permits hasn't changed since the covid work from home stuff happened, it's not that they don't have the capacity, it's that for some reason, when the people doing permits aren't in the same office all hell breaks loose. 

from my experience (simply adding a doorway between two commercial spaces) it's not just that one hand doesn't know what the other is doing, it's more along the lines of a full orchestra, each person is intended to read the same music, however, they all seem to have different writings of the same song, and everyone is doing their music study in their own house. and then the conductor (inspector) comes around and tells me when I'm listening to the music, that the music is wrong and I have to go back to each person in the orchestra to get them to use a specific piece of music.

it took fully every bit of an entire year from getting an approved permit, through the process of the inspector not liking what was approved, to having to get director level approval for a completely different solution. and that was using a fixer to help with the process. I wish the best of luck to anyone trying to do permitting without a fixer in today's COH permitting office.

if I were to guess, there's enough people doing work, the problem is the work they are doing, most of their time seems to be spent not approving new permits, but fixing what they screwed up on earlier permits.

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