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Krist Hubert Home At 5300 Aspen Dr.

Highrise Tower

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I was researching the developer of the Willowbend neighborhood of Houston.  It looks like Krist Hubert was the developer of the residential subdivision in Southwest Houston.  I believe other important figures in the forming of Willowbend were Frank Burkhardt, and Evera West.

Krist Hubert also helped Frank Meyer develop the nearby Meyerland neighborhood as well.  Appears he also built homes in Bellaire to.

In the magazine House & Home dated February 1958 there was a small detail of the Willowbend neighborhood. 

Medium Priced:

Willowbend is a community of 700 houses in the $16,000 to $20,000 class. Sixty different builders have worked here. Its trees are a big feature, were carefully protected because lots with good trees are scarce in Houston and command a good price.

Developer Krist Hubert (like many other developers) got his start in the building business. He was a painting contractor, now owns a lumber yard and builds some houses himself. He helps small builders by selling one lot a a time. He also provides some construction funds. M71DOwC.png

Parade plan book by Houston Home Builders Association dated 1950:

Burkhardt and Hubert Construction Co. of 5104 Elm Street in Bellaire - MA-0407 built the 1950s Meyerland home at 5107 Jackwood. The home was designed by L.B. Wooters. 


Engineering News-Record 1960:

Hubert Lumber Co., 5104 Elm St., Houston, Texas. 


Engineering News-Record 1957:

Krist Hubert & Assocs., 5107 Jackwood St. 


The newspaper The Bellaire Texan dated June 29, 1955 it appears Krist Hubert lived at 5300 Aspen Drive in Bellaire, TX.

Last night, Krist Hubert, 5300 Aspen, was installed as the new president of the Bellaire Lions Club at John's Restaurant.

Mr. Hubert is a native Texas. He migrated from Halletsville to Houston 26 years ago. In 1948 he came to Bellaire and started a successful career in building homes. He owns the Hubert Lumber Company at 5104 Elm.

Aside from building nearly 400 homes in Bellaire and neighboring areas, he has been interested in civic affairs and politics--


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