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Houston In The 2000s


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Those of us who enjoy preserving Houston history often get caught up in a cycle of pessimism, and dare I say it, mild depression :closedeyes: . It is easy to forget there ARE many people in Houston who value history and want to see it preserved/restored. Whether for personal satisfaction, economic gain, or whatever, their efforts are definitely appreciated. I think we should take time here to thank those that quietly go about their daily lives, yet manage to keep a little bit of old Houston alive and well. No fanfare, no drama, they just do it.

Here is a link to a Houston House and Home (PDF) article highlighting winners for 2008. I especially like the duplex at 1704 Kipling because there are so many cool inner loop duplexes that are large enough for today's families, if only the average homeowner or developer could see past their current multi-family arrangements.


http://ghpa.org/awards/ (outdated, but has links to past winners)

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Hello everybody!

Trying to recollect some childhood memories!

Anybody have photos of WalMart/KMart in the early 2000s?

The inside aisles would be great!


I remember there beign a K-Mart and WalMart across from each other on Telephone in Pearland!

Walmart "WON" and moved across and took over KMart!😆

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I might have a pic of the Walmart in Meyerland when it was still a "Baby" (i.e. non Super Walmart) Store.


The Meyerland store and then the Westview store were the last two remaining Houston area stores to not be converted to "SuperCenter Walmart".


First Meyerland was converted. So the very last store to be converted was the Westview store.

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