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Blair's Sanitarium At 1212 To 1220 Liberty Ave.

Highrise Tower

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I was looking at old Houston hospitals and sanitariums and came across the Blair's Sanitarium.

John M. Blair of Houston; Physician and Surgeon.

Born in Indiana on February 4, 1859. Educated at Rush College, Medical Department. Chicago University.

He bought the building in 1900.  It was still listed as Blair’s Sanitarium in the 1930 census, so it was apparently a comparatively long-lived institution.

Company letterhead:

Blair's Sanitarium
Dr. J. M. Blair, Proprietor.
A thorough equipped Sanitarium, for the treatment of all kinds of surgical cases and all forms of chronic disease. No contagious diseases admitted.
1212 to 1220 Liberty Avenue.
Houston, Texas March 8th, 1908.


Building photos:



Portrait photo of Dr. Blair:


I had some help from the McGovern Historical Center.




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I think that Liberty Avenue is now Rothwell. Here's the listing from 1923 of the West end of Liberty:


The Brooklyn Hotel was at 1202 Nance according to the 1907 City Directory:


Here's the 1944 aerial of the area with the location of the sanitarium circled in red and the Brooklyn Hotel to the West of the building circled in Blue. The Brooklyn Hotel building still exists as the Sears-Crawford, llp building, and with an address on Rothwell instead of Nance. Liberty Avenue seems to have a lot of traffic, it's the street running diagonally to the Northeast:


Brooklyn Hotel building Street View

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