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Southland Elementary School Near Pierce Junction

Highrise Tower

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I was researching the different locations of the infamous Southland Elementary School. 

A map I found online has me and a few HAIF members confused.  One map says a school near Brays Bayou was the Almeda School. Then another map says it was the Southland School.  I wonder which is correct?

@JLWM8609states this several years ago:

Southland Elementary never closed down. It first opened in 1915 on Allegheny St. Another structure was built on Dixie Dr in 1949. It's address was changed from Dixie Dr. to Tampa St. in 1978 when a new wing was added, and it's name was changed to Ruby L. Thompson Elementary school in the 80's. It will be moving to a new facility at 6121 Tierwester for the Fall 2007 semester. There was a farewell ceremony today for the old facility, I attended it since I went to Thompson from 1992 to 1994.

The school location for this topic could be on Allegheny Street? Then why does the map specify Brays Bayou near Fannin Street? 

My information came from the newspaper The Houston Post dated in the 1910s and 1920s.  The map I found is dated 1920.

Southland School to Get Books For Prize.

Southland School, out near Pierce Junction, which won the prize offered by the Harris County Public library for the best collection of wild flowers will be awarded a set of five nature guides Monday Night. The prize was donated by the Out Door Nature club and will be presented at the closing exercises of the school.



Southlands near George H. Hermann Park.

Property high and well drained.
Just south of Brays Bayou, where the Gulf breezes are unobstructed and where the cold Northers are shut off.
The place to buy and build your home right now.
The SOUTHLAND School is new and modern, and started the term with an enrollment of 30 children.
Quick and dependable transportation is now in operation by Mr. John Dobbin; fare 5 cent.
Lots 50x100 feet and larger, none smaller.
Prices still low and terms so easy you will wonder how we can do it.

Harris County Investment Company
Binz Building - Houston, Texas 
George W. Graham, Sales Manager - Phone Preston 996


Contract awarded for the new school at Southland Terrace.

As announced Thursday, the contract for the above school building to be erected in Southland Terrace and to be known as the Southland school, was awarded to James Shapley & sons, and its erection will be under the supervision of Lane & Dowdy, architects

The building is of that general type, that has become so popular for school purpose, in that it has the high basement, which at any future time can be changed into classrooms. In the supper or main story, are three large class rooms; the two in the rear may be thorn together and used for the auditorium, the state and dressing rooms being build as permanent fixtures. each rom is provided with cloak room, heating apparatus for the winter and cold air ventilation for the warm weather. 

The school will be located on Block No. 42, Southland terrace, this entire block having been given by the Harris County Investment Company for this purpose.  Those living in the vicinity of the Southlands are to be congratulated on this latest improvement, as it is a strong indication of the city's growth southward, and the development that will take place around George H. Hermann Park, this building being but a short distance from the east entrance of the park. 



Street Map of Houston 1920 - Showing Wards.



LcnmvbF.pngThe incorrect map, Geological Survey (U.S.) Bellaire Quadrangle map, 1921, lists Southlands as Brays Bayou School (on Almeda Road.)


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