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City Post Oak Airport

Highrise Tower

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Where exactly was this? Does anyone know anything about it? I wonder if it's on that famous abandoned airport website?

I was browsing the newspaper The Bellaire & Southwestern Texan dated September 11, 1974 and came across this business ad for help wanted.

Cashiers wanted: Positions will be at the Houston Intercontinental Airport, Greenway Plaza Airport Terminal, City Post Oak Airport Terminal, & South Main Airport Terminal.

Air Coach, Express Airport Transportation.


Connections can be made to 26 other Metro routes, the West Loop Park & Ride lot for downtown commuters, the City Post Oak airport bus terminal and the greyhound bus terminal at Northwest Mall.


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This was an airport terminal where you could catch a bus to the airport without having to make the long, long trip out to IAH. In 1974, IAH was considered to be out in the middle of nowhere, and no one liked driving out there. I am going to assume that the Post Oak terminal was somewhere near the Galleria, which opened in 1970.

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  1. The Post Oak one was a little freestanding building in a shopping center parking lot near the Galleria.  The shuttles were nice, cheap and let you avoid what we then thought was bad traffic to the airport that we thought was just south of Conroe, which of course was way out of town for those of us inside the loop. They were very frequent, buses, vans, etc depending on how many people were going.
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Similar idea on a much grander scale in New York, with a terminal incorporating full-service ticketing, bag check, and bag delivery.  These were thought to be the future at some point.

42nd Street Airlines Terminal - Wikipedia

The history behind 42nd Street's lost Airlines Terminal Building | 6sqft

Sun Country has sort of relaunched the concept in MN (Landline - Sun Country Airlines) and United at DEN (A new way to connect to Fort Collins (united.com).

Of course some European train stations in the city still have them.  Different, but similar idea, SFO used to have bag check-in for some airlines in one of their remote garages not too long ago.  Some of the park-and-fly places (e.g., The Parking Spot) used to have them as well, not sure if any more have them after COVID.


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