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Modern Transportation Airfield On Griggs Rd. & Holmes Rd.

Highrise Tower

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From the book Houston, a history and guide published in 1942.

Modern Transportation, Inc., Holmes and Griggs Rds., charter service, flight instructions, air- port taxi service (no charge).


I wonder if this is actually the Linda Sue Airport located at Highway 288 And Holmes Road?


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In 1944, there is an airport on the West side of what is now MLK at the Loop


In 1953, there is an airport at what is now the SE corner of 288 and the Loop. The 1944 airport from above is gone, plowed under to build the South Park subdivision that has street names based on WWII battles and commanders, like Bataan, Dunkirk, Chennault, etc.

These two pictures tell me that the 1953 airfield is possibly the Linda Sue Airport, and the 1944 aerial is of Modern Transportation. I haven't confirmed it yet, but I think the portion of Holmes Road that turned Northeast towards Griggs is now MLK, while MLK South of 610 was South park Blvd/Dr/St(don't know the type)


There was another airfield at Almeda and OST in 1944, looks pretty much gone in 1953. This is directly across OST from the VA hospital, and is now a condo/apartment complex.


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