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Angelo's Cafe And Oyster Bar At 1012 Westheimer Rd.

Highrise Tower

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I was browsing the newspaper Southwestern Times dated February 1, 1951 and came across a business ad for Angelo's Cafe And Oyster Bar located at 1012 Westheimer Rd.

In the 1950s this location of Angelo's was advertising a lot of steak choices.  The restaurant is nicknamed "Angelo's Steak House" or something similar.  Serving the infamous KC Steaks.

Angelo's had other locations as well.  I know of the following places. I wonder if there are more?

Angelo's Fisherman's Wharf At 10200 South Main St.
Angelo's Lobster Trap At 7525 South Main St.
Angelo's Restaurant And Oyster House At 6643 South Main St.


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I came across ads for this in my radio history research, I remember.  I assumed this was the earlier location of FIsherman's Wharf on S. Main, later.  I didn't know about the other 2 places.  This was right across from the Tower Theatre.  I believe the ad mentioned a fireplace, too!  I'll have to see if I still have that.


I ate at the Fisherman's Wharf in the early 70s but have only dim memories.

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See the source image


From ebay.  I did not see a reverse side.   Seems Mr. Angelo had quite a few locations.


I have not found a print of the ad I mentioned above but I did find a reference to it in my notes so I could go back and copy it:  "10/4/46, p.17, big ad for Angelo's Cafe (oyster bar), opposite Tower Theatre, grand cabin (?) dining room w/2 _____ fireplaces, meat counter too."   Unfortunately this page of my notes does not identify the source but it was among a series of pages of notes from the Houston Press and the dates are consistent.  The next two pages of my notes are from the Chronicle but appear to be out of place as they refer to the 1920s and then the Press notes continue.

Are the Press files available online?

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